Olive Green Crafts


My name is Susan Moran, I have always been creative and enjoyed many different types of crafting. My first interest was drawing and painting and it is still my favourite way to relax. I began to explore even more crafting techniques whilst working in a craft shop and soon realised that I would love to teach craft and pass on my knowledge to other ambitious crafters. I teach workshops in painting, mixed media, parchment craft, jewellery making, stamping, card making, zentangle and pencil shading. I am at present working on exam pieces in Parchment craft so that I can be included in the list of registered tutors. I’m the creative partner of Olive Green Crafts and Peter is the organiser. He is the one who keeps everything in order and knows exactly where everything is in the studio. Some of my drawings have been made into rubber stamps to be used by stampers for card making. I also make samples for Claritystamps, which are used to promote their products on Create and Craft on tv.